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Viscofiber sold to European biotech
The European-based biotech multinational holding company, Natraceutical Group, has agreed to purchase the assets and operations of Cevena Bioproducts. The acquisition includes purchase of Viscofiber, a high-viscosity and high-concentration oat beta-glucan soluble fibre. All Viscofiber products will now be manufactured and distributed by Natraceutical Canada (a wholly owned subsidiary of Natraceutical Group) and sold worldwide by the Natraceutical Group companies. The team that manufactured and marketed Viscofiber at Cevena will remain in place at Natraceutical Canada.

Bill Atkinson, account manager for National EnzymeRetail account manager
National Enzyme (NEC) has named Bill Atkinson as account manager for its retail natural-health-market channel. He has worked for many years with retail businesses in Missouri. NEC provides comprehensive enzyme-based dietary supplements.

CitrinK earns GRAS status
Sabinsa, based in?New Jersey and Utah, has received independent GRAS designation for its flagship product CitrinK for use in nonalcoholic beverages. CitrinK, a Garcinia cambogia extract, has been marketed as a dietary supplement ingredient in the US since 1995, for use in formulations that are helpful in maintaining a healthy body weight and energy balance, and in beneficially influencing satiety.

Enzymotec finds Japan distributor
Itochu Chemical Frontier, a subsidiary of?the Japanese trading company Itochu, and Enzymotec are collaborating to bring Enzymotec's products to the Japanese market. Recently, Enzymotec's proprietary products Sharp-PS GOLD and CardiaBeat were approved by the Japanese Health Authority,?the?Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, to be used in food.

Paul Faganel, president of Embria Health Sciences, center, is flanked on his left by Diamond V Mills' president John Bloomhall, and on his right by the mayor of Ankeny, Iowa, Steve Van Oort.Embria wins economic-impact award
The Greater Des Moines Partnership's 2007 Economic Impact Award was awarded to Embria Health Sciences in recognition for the building of its new headquarters facility in Ankeny, Iowa. Embria's 36,000-square-foot office space and manufacturing plant sits on 5.1 acres in Ankeny's bioscience corridor. Previously, the company was based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

EPAX AS research wins NIH award
The Omega-3 Alzheimer's Disease (OMEGAD) study that used an EPAX AS formula has been selected by the Office of Dietary Supplements at the National Institutes of Health as one of the 25 best scientific articles in 2006. The study showed that memory decline could be halted in patients with early-stage Alzheimer's dementia when given EPAX 1050 TG. The OMEGAD study appears in the 2006 Annual Bibliography of Significant Advances in Dietary Supplement Research.

Cognis expands sterol-ester production
Global speciality-chemicals supplier Cognis has expanded sterol-ester production capacities with an investment of 10 million Euros at its plant in Illertissen, Germany. The new facility at the company's international Nutrition & Health Competence Center is used for the production of premium-grade plant sterol esters. Food manufacturers will now be able to incorporate these ingredients without any further processing.

Andrew Kendrick was recently named international technical development manager at LycoRed of Israel.New face at LycoRed
LYCORED of Israel has named Andrew Kendrick, PhD, as its international technical development manager. In recent years, 10 of his papers were published in peer-reviewed journals. He has 20 years' technical and commercial experience working for natural colours companies, including Overseal Natural Ingredients and Roha.

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