Garden of Life's National Economic Health Stimulus Offers Free Geft of Bone Health with Grow Bone Giveaway

Thousands of health retailers nationwide will participate in the largest giveaway in the history of the natural products industry on Saturday, October 10 at 10 a.m. when Garden of Life ( is offering consumers a chance to obtain a free Vitamin Code® Grow Bone System—a clinically studied, bone-building formulation with the first raw, vegan, organic whole food calcium. The company confirmed it will give away almost $2 million dollars of product to approximately 36,000 lucky people.

Jordan Rubin, Garden of Life’s founder and NY Times best selling author, said this historic giveaway marks the first time in his memory that a natural health product has been offered free to consumers. “We are extremely excited about the Grow Bone Giveaway, which can help millions of people at risk for osteoporosis and anyone looking to build strong, healthy bones for life."

The cornerstone of the Grow Bone System is a new discovery—an organic, plant-sourced calcium form derived from South American marine algae known as AlgaeCal RAW. Unlike most other calcium supplements derived from limestone rock, this raw, patented, vegetarian calcium includes vitamins D and K2 (MK-7) plus raw forms of Magnesium, Silica, Boron and Vanadium as well as Growth Factor S, a mineral formulation containing the clinically studied breakthrough mineral Strontium.

Rubin said Garden of Life is already besieged by callers asking where they can get the Grow Bone System, which normally retails for $54.95. He said free Systems will be offered October 10 at all Vitamin Shoppe locations, Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts, Vitamin Cottage, Henry’s, Super Supplements, Sunflower Markets, Earthfare, Akin’s, and premium health retailers nationwide. Customers can find participating stores by logging on to the Grow Bone Challenge website

Individuals who don't take advantage of the Grow Bone System Giveaway can still purchase one and benefit from the product’s full double back money offer, which states that if bones are not healthier, stronger, and more dense after 180 consecutive days of use as evidenced by a full-body DEXA scan, Garden of Life will refund double the customer's six months Grow Bone System purchases and the cost of both DEXA scans.

“No other bone-building supplement provides this strong an offer, but the clinical research gives us unprecedented confidence in the product’s efficacy,” said Rubin.

A randomized, open label clinical study of the Grow Bone System involving 176 women and men, ages 18 to 85, revealed an average increase in bone mineral density, during the six month study, of 1.4% as measured by full-body DEXA scans. Study scientists extrapolated that to be an annualized average bone mineral density increase of 2.8%. The average annualized increase for participants who were highly compliant was an amazing 3.7%. All who experienced increases incorporated a healthy eating and exercise program as outlined in the Grow Bone Challenge booklet included in the system.

“Anyone over 30 as well as vegetarians who have lower bone density and people with a family history of osteoporosis should be thrilled about this product because there is nothing else like it,” said Garden of Life President Brian Ray. “We’re excited to have the chance to transform the lives of 36,000 Americans by giving them the gift of bone health.”

For more information on Garden of Life’s “Grow Bone Giveaway,” contact Rhonda Price at (561) 371-9407 or [email protected]

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