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Get Healthy uses personalized service to lure back customers

Get Healthy uses personalized service to lure back customers

With logistical challenges threatening her customer base, Karen Greenway of Get Healthy decided to get creative.

Yearlong road construction at the busiest intersection in Hernando County, Fla., forever changed Karen Greenway’s Get Healthy Vitamins and Natural Foods location in Spring Hill. The traffic challenges altered her customers’ staple-shopping habits, so Greenway had to do something new to bring shoppers back into her store. She accomplished the task by partnering with two other businesses—get ZEN Healing Center and ON Performance Lab and Cycling Center—to create a one-stop shop that offers a broad assortment of products and services, and also drills down to individual needs in the clinic and through cycling assessments and coaching.

“Our goal is to build a center of excellence,” Greenway says. “What really feels good to me is being able to truly help our customers achieve their goals. We can do this because we can provide the range of services that work together. So, for example, a competitive cyclist or runner who is preparing for a race—or goal—could benefit from our coaching, bike fitting and nutritional supplements for performance and recovery along with body work from the clinic. Or a middle-aged woman suffering menopausal symptoms who is taking antidepressant drugs and wants to get her life back would benefit from a hormone panel test.”

The partnership truly crosses invisible barriers as the clinic’s director often helps in the store and is regularly available to answer customer questions. Get Healthy also features a café and subcontracted fitness classes in its space.

Greenway has always touted a “going the extra mile” service philosophy, but the revived Spring Hill store represents a new level of relationship building the retail owner hopes to introduce at her three other locations and expand into two more in the next five years.

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