Get to know safety-focused consumers

Meet some of the shoppers who really do follow the doctor's orders in this video profile. Made up of mostly older consumers, the 4 Out of 5 Doctors segment is aptly named because these shoppers take their health cues from doctors and actively follow traditional health and wellness advice, as New Hope Network found in our newly released Market Innovation Consumer Segmentation study.

Although they care greatly about product safety, these shoppers purchase less natural and organic offerings because of price. They are also less likely to try new things because they are happy with current choices. See more of the characteristics that define these consumers in our infographic.

Gaining a new trial with the 4 Out of 5 Doctors group isn’t easy. It can be done, however, by first winning over these consumers’ practitioners, making this a particularly good opportunity for supplement manufacturers.

Want to explore the other consumer segments? Check out these infographics and related videos: 

To learn more about New Hope’s Market Innovation Consumer Segmentation, e-mail Mark Mallardi at [email protected] or Tara Burkley at [email protected].

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