Natural Foods Merchandiser

Give the Retailers What They Want—Science

Natural products retail success is tied to product knowledge and the ability to communicate that information to customers. For six years, retailers were able to learn about critical advances in the science of dietary supplements through the pages of Nutrition Science News. The publication provided current information about natural products research and innovation, with informative, in-depth and science-based articles.

Last year, Nutrition Science News was sent to a different audience—manufacturers—when it merged with Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals, a global supply magazine.

We heard from you; you want Nutrition Science News back.

Now you can find reports on news, trends, product information and peer-reviewed nutrition research right here in The Natural Foods Merchandiser. Starting with this issue, NSN is now in the Merchandiser so retailers can find the entire natural products world—business, marketing, trends, food, health and beauty care and, now, science-based research—all in one publication every month.

Just taking care of business is a full day's work, leaving little time to stay current on all the information that your customers demand. NSN supplies the science behind supplements, and this is where NSN will be most useful—here in the pages of NFM.

Todd Runestad, NSN Editor
Marty Traynor Spencer, Editor

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXIII/number 8/p. 8

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