Green Marketing, Inc. Announces New Sustainability Audit

NEDERLAND, CO- Green Marketing, Inc., a marketing strategy and consulting firm based here, offers a thorough approach to strategic marketing and now includes a sustainability and corporate social responsibility audit. Founded in 2000 by Darrin Duber-Smith, Green Marketing has had a pioneering role in defining the green market place. Mr. Duber-Smith lead a task force that laid the groundwork for defining the term “natural”, he has spoken at numerous conferences on this and related topics and has authored many articles in trade magazines on the subject. Green Marketing’s exclusive planning model, taught as one of the most comprehensive processes in higher education, has benefited numerous clients. By adding the sustainability and corporate social responsibility aspects to strategic planning, the company intends to keep its marketing approach the most complete and competitive in today’s “green washed” market.

“If you don’t have it in writing all you have is an idea.” This concept is a favorite of Mr. Duber-Smith and is incorporated into the finalized Business audit and strategic planning process Green Marketing performs. The company looks at the entire industry and at the business’ role in it. Through developing a written marketing plan Green Marketing assists it’s clients with all aspects of marketing while avoiding the building backlash that awaits companies engaging in “green washing”. Mr. Duber-Smith gives the analogy, “When buying a car one wouldn’t just examine the stereo or the seats. You look at the whole vehicle and the driving experience. It’s the same in marketing. You have to look at the entire picture, both inside the business and out, in order to make an accurate assessment of what is needed.”

President of Green Marketing, Inc., Darrin Duber-Smith has 20 years experience in the marketing field and extensive knowledge in the natural, organic, and green products industries. He is a visiting professor of marketing at Metropolitan State College of Denver as well as adjunct faculty at the University of Colorado –Boulder, Leeds School of Business.

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