Health Plus Celebrates 25 “Flush” Years in Industry; Launches New Marketing Look

CHINO, CA – Sunil Kohli, vice president of Health Plus, Inc., the originators of the Colon Cleanse category, has announced that the company is celebrating its 25th year serving natural products retailers, and has revamped its look.

“Health Plus, Inc. continues to make a vital and positive impact among millions of consumers who understand the idea of internal cleansing and conditioning,” says Kohli. “Our sales have increased incrementally each year for a quarter century, showing that we are providing consumers with products they rely on again and again, and empowering more to take control of their health and well-being. It is very gratifying for all of us here at Health Plus Inc. to have such a longstanding success.”

Health Plus has debuted a new logo that reflects its mission. Blue and green colors epitomize the most natural abundant colors (sky and grass/trees) in a bold and crisp font, emphasizing the company’s firmly established industry presence along with its confidence. In tandem, Health Plus Inc. has unveiled a new tradeshow booth that is open, inviting and tranquil. Retailers visiting the booth can also enjoy a hearty chuckle by picking up a free conversation piece, a stress-relief squeezer shaped as a toilet.

Several venerable products have been redesigned for better shelf presence. The Super Colon Cleanse Day & Night box is now sleeker, allowing retailers to place more on the shelves, and the Colon Cleanse Peppermint Tea box has been redesigned to synergize with the new Colon Cleanse Green Tea To Go, for a more uniform and relative look.

“After so many years, trends and styles change in how consumers respond to a company’s marketing collateral and packaging,” Kohli said. “Fussy is out, sleek, bold and informative are in, reflecting the convenience of decision-making via ‘sound-bytes.’”

About Health Plus, Inc.
Health Plus, Inc. was founded in 1981 with its then-groundbreaking supplement, Colon Cleanse, which pioneered the internal cleansing category. The core mission of Health Plus Inc. is to provide specific cleansing and detoxification supplements and teas that give a wide variety of consumers a solid foundation of re-invigorated health and well-being. Log onto

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