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Heath Plus Inc. Launches Colon Cleanse Green Tea To Go

CHINO, CA – Health Plus Inc., the company that originated the psyllium-based colon cleanse category, has introduced Colon Cleanse Green Tea To Go teabags for a delicious and stimulating brew anywhere.

“Colon Cleanse Green Tea to Go is a symphony of health-giving botanicals in a delicious herbal tea with flavorful notes,” described Sunil Kohli, vice president of Health Plus Inc. “The botanicals in our tea work in harmony to gently encourage peristalsis, helping you to naturally, safely and effectively eliminate accumulated wastes.”

Green Tea is a versatile health-promoting tea. It contains powerful catechin polyphenols, notably epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Many studies worldwide have suggested that consuming several cups of green tea for the long term has numerous health benefits.

“Green tea is featured in our Colon Cleanse Green Tea To Go to support the body’s nutritional and health status while undergoing internal cleansing and detox programs,” Kohli said. “Plus, many people simply enjoy the flavor of green tea, preferring its more mellow taste to the more acidic, bitter taste of regular tea.”

Other ingredients that help support healthy bowel function include:
Senna promotes regularity by encouraging peristalsis.

Cascara Sagrada contains active ingredient called anthroquinones, which are responsible for the herb’s powerful laxative effects

Fennel is a culinary spice known to be a carminative, an anti-spasmodic compound used traditionally for digestive cramping.

Ginger is a culinary spice used traditionally and conventionally to aid in digestion and calm nervous stomach and nausea.

Hints of safflower, licorice and vanilla bean extracts create a taste rhapsody that heightens the sensational enjoyment of drinking tea.

Kohli added that retailers can cross-merchandise Colon Cleanse Green Tea To Go, both in the internal cleansing department and in the tea section. “We recommend that retailers brew our tea to offer as samples for customers to taste. It works beautifully not only as a hot tea, but as a refreshing iced tea in the summer months,” he suggested.

About Health Plus Inc.

Since 1981, Health Plus, Inc. has been at the forefront of natural health with its perennial favorite, Colon Cleanse, a psyllium-based product. In fact, Health Plus is considered widely to have innovated and pioneered this category. Health Plus was founded on the belief that gentle targeted cleansing with easy-to-use formulas can help consumers achieve a satisfying journey of health. Health Plus Inc. has a drug manufacturing license and strictly follows the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices. The entire processing and packaging of all Health Plus products are performed in the company’s own facilities.

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