Hefestus Targets Australian Food Market

Hefestus, Israel, is poised to penetrate the Australian food market with its innovative packaging-system solutions based on patented SLB™ technology – Shelf Life Booster for extending shelf life of multiple food categories. Hefestus signed an agreement with Goldtech, Australia, to market its packaging-system solutions in Australia.

“The launch of Hefestus SLB technology in the United States in 2009 was an outstanding success and was followed by impressive sales of our packaging solutions to leading food companies,” notes Oded Shtemer, company President & CEO. “Despite the economic downturn last year Hefestus global sales increased by 60 percent. We anticipate Australia will be a major market for Hefestus in 2010.”

“Australian food manufacturers and marketers utilizing SLB™ technology will be able to create high quality fresh products tailored for long-lasting shelf life, significantly decreased returns and sharply reduced product decomposition, leading to increased profitability,” says Shtemer.

The major obstacle of purchasing fresh-cut fruits and vegetables is a short shelf life that leads to quick degeneration and decomposition of the product and undesirable look and negative palatability. SLB™ technology overcomes this challenge by providing extended shelf life and reducing accumulation of product decomposition liquids in the packaging bottom.

“Hefestus will begin marketing its advanced packaging solutions to Australian processors and packagers of meat and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, as well as ready-to-eat fresh salads, in response to the market’s increasing demand for effective shelf-life solutions,” adds Shtemer. ”SLB™ technology provides a competitive advantage for extending product shelf life in these two food categories, doubling fresh-cut produce shelf life and dramatically increasing meat-product shelf life.”

Hefestus’ advanced packaging system allows manufacturers and marketers to transport fresh meat and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables products to distant destinations across Australia without impact on product odor and appearance, and can revolutionize the entire supply chain from manufacturer to consumer via fewer returns or discards, lower cost, reduced impact on the environment and more satisfied consumers.

For further information, please contact:
Hefestus Ltd.
Ron Golan
Sales Director
Tel: 972 4 6271835
Fax: 972 4 6271876
[email protected] www.hefestus-slb.com

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