Helios Corp. Finalizes Full Upgrade of Website, www.TransportC.net

Helios Corp. recently finalized a full upgrade of their website, www.TransportC.net to better serve the growing interest in Transport C-PLUSTM for Nutritional and Beverage applications.

Transport C-PLUSTM represents the Next Generation of Vitamin C. This branded ingredient has been carefully designed, evaluated, and tested to accommodate the growing demand for a Nutritional Supplement that can increase the absorption of Vitamin C over longer periods of time. Side by side comparisons define the performance of Transport C-PLUS in a whole new category.

Transport C-PLUS performance of increased absorption applies not only to the Dietary Supplements category but the Beverage and Food categories as well. Our patented formulas dramatically reduce the levels of oxidative stress with Vitamin C in the blood stream and extend the availability of regular Vitamin C over longer periods of time.

There is nothing like this patented product in the market today and our new website will further explain our capabilities, human studies, and research.

Helios Corp. was founded with the notion and strategy to take existing science and find news way to maximize older ideas. The evolution of Vitamin C has been a slow process but Transport C-PLUS will define a new era of Vitamin C applications. Helios Corp. is privately owned and global in reach for new ideas, science, and cultural remedies that can be translated into commercial applications for the benefit of all manufacturers and consumers.

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