Helios Rising Announces New Agreement with NOW Foods

Helios Rising Corp. is a global distributor and science agency for the development and marketing of clinically tested, nutritional ingredients. Helios Rising is the exclusive, global marketing and sales agency for Transport C-PLUS.

Helios Rising is pleased to announce the addition of NOW Foods to their line up of companies using Transport C-Plus as their ingredient of choice to increase the transport and absorption of Vitamin C in human cells, and over a longer period of time. This ingredient category is commonly called "high absorption Vitamin C". "TransportC-PLUSTM is the Next Generation Vitamin C".

According to Helios Rising's director of Marketing, Linda Kidwell, NOW is fully launched in the market place with their finished brand called AlphaSorb-C. AlphaSorb-C information can be accessed via the NOW Foods web sight. Ms. Kidwell also indicated that TransportC-PLUS is under review by 5 other end use manufacturers for potential finished product launches into the USA and Asian markets as a dietary supplement and also within the beverage category. Information and a point of contact is available at www.TransportC.net. Helios and Michael Jeffers will be available at the NBJ Conference July 21-24.

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