Highland Laboratories Becomes First to Introduce Earth-Friendly Vitamin Bottles to U.S. Market

Mt. Angel, Ore. – Oregon-based Highland Laboratories, a dietary supplement manufacturer with a 30-year history of environmentally sensitive business practices, is the first in the U.S. to package supplements in Earth-friendly corn-based bottles.

Developed by NatureWorks LLC, the bottles are made from corn-based dextrose instead of petroleum. Known as NatureWorks PLA, the material is the world’s first greenhouse-gas neutral polymer. These Earth-friendly bottles use 68 percent less fossil fuel than petroleum-based plastics. The technology is finding its way into various packaging forms, including beverage containers and “to-go” food boxes at natural food stores. Highland Laboratories is the first dietary supplement manufacturer to use the innovative material for vitamin bottles.

“Consumers are increasingly concerned about the impact of plastic on Earth’s environment. With less than 40 percent of Americans recycling, these new bottles are a first step in changing how we use our precious and diminishing resources,” says Candy Scott, CEO of Highland Laboratories. “It makes sense for those of us providing organic and wholesome nutrition – including dietary supplements – to complete the cycle with Earth-friendly packaging.”

Within two years, Highland Laboratories plans to bottle all of their 250 supplements in the Earth-friendly bottles.

“We believe there is a natural synergy between the Highland Labs product and their choice of NatureWorks PLA for their bottles,” says Brian Glasbrenner, product manager for NatureWorks LLC. “Leading companies throughout the world are adopting NatureWorks PLA for applications ranging from fresh milk and juice to vitamins to produce.”

Highland Laboratories is a manufacturer of nutritional supplements with headquarters in Mt. Angel, Ore. Highland Laboratories pioneered the use of recycled paper and soy ink for its sales literature and catalogs more than a decade ago and uses recycled paper, soy ink and soy varnish for its product labels. More information about Highland Laboratories and their commitment to sustainable business is available at www.highlandvitamins.com or by calling (503) 845-9223.

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