Hitting the health trend at FIE: Two novel coloring foodstuffs up for launch

At FIE 2007 Chr. Hansen will introduce two novel coloring foodstuffs: FruitMax™ Cranberry WS and FruitMax™ Blueberry WS.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to maintain and develop our market shares in big industries like confectionery and ice cream. Therefore Chr. Hansen recently launched a range of coloring foodstuffs that is sold and marketed under the name of FruitMaxTM,” says Charlotte Gylling Olsen, International Product Manager, Colors.

At FIE 2007 two new members of this product range will be presented: FruitMax™ Cranberry WS and FruitMax™ Blueberry WS.

No E-number declaration
FruitMax™ is a full range of shades covering all key application areas such as beverages, fruit preparations, dairy, ice cream and confectionery. It is a total range of products selectively processed from edible fruits, vegetables, spices and plants that meet the strict demands applied to coloring foodstuffs.

With FruitMax™ there is a clear link to nature. All shades are E-number free, of high quality and stability, and they are produced according to the ISO9001:2000 standard at Chr. Hansen’s factory in Avedoere, Denmark.

So far the range consists of 20 different products covering a wide range of shades: from bright yellow to brown, green, red and violet. It allows food producers to avoid E-number declarations in certain countries and hits the health trend spot on.

Naturally high amount of pigment
The target has been to work with well-known and approved fruits, vegetables and spices. No selective pigment extractions have been applied to the raw materials.

“It means that the FruitMaxTM range contains different natural and original flavorings from the plant, pigments, waxes, fruity acids for fruits concentrates and other carbohydrates,” explains Gylling Olsen.

It is vital that the raw materials contain a naturally high amount of pigment. Therefore, cooperation with farmers has been established in order to grow well identified plants fulfilling the technical needs.

Two new family members
FruitMaxTM Cranberry WS is a high strength concentrate obtained from freshly processed black carrot roots (Daucus Carota L.). The high concentration allows for a low dosage into the application.

FruitMaxTM Cranberry WS has a beautiful and bright deep red shade in many low pH applications such as beverages, confectionery, fruit preparations and water ice.
Also it has a superior stability to light and heat compared to most other red fruit colors.

FruitMax™ Blueberry WS is pure grape juice concentrate obtained from a variety of freshly selected grapes. FruitMaxTM Blueberry WS exhibits a beautiful, deep and bright violet-blue shade in many low pH applications such as beverages and confectionery.

Its specific anthocyanin composition gives FruitMaxTM Blueberry WS a more blue tonality and an improved stability compared to standard grape products.

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