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Hope Hummus banks on high-tech processing

Hope Hummus banks on high-tech processing

The Boulder-based natural hummus producer is the latest to adopt high pressure pasteurization which will allow the brand to extend the shelf life of its products without using heat or adding preservatives.

It's a question that natural products manufacturers often face: How to extend the shelf life of a product without introducing artificial ingredients and preservatives? Hope Hummus, a Boulder-based natural hummus company has found a solution.

The organic, gluten-free, vegan hummus producer is experimenting with a state-of-the-art High-Pressure Processor which will allow the company to use pressure to kill bacteria and prevent spoilage. The same method is often used by producers of raw juices, fermented foods and culinary botanicals to maintain a fresh-tasting product and extend shelf life without pasteurization.  

"For the natural foods industry, for people who don't want to add heat or don't want to add preservatives, you put it under extreme pressure, like 87,000 psi (pounds per square inch), and it literally busts up the bacteria," marketing manager Stephen Villanueva told the Boulder County Business Report.

In January, the company bought a 58,900-square-foot warehouse in Louisville, Colo., which will become a food-manufacturing facility, warehouse and office. In addition to using the HPP equipment for their hummus, Villanueva said the brand is exploring additional revenue opportunities by leasing the equipment to other food producers.  

"Everybody who has a natural product struggles with the same thing," he said.

The HPP process will allow Hope Hummus to extend its shelf life by up to four times. Read more about Hope Hummus's plans for the future and how HPP processing will extend profitability in the Boulder County Business Report.


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