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How to crush your fundraising on CircleUp [webinar replay]

Article-How to crush your fundraising on CircleUp [webinar replay]

tio Gazpacho
Austin Allan explains how to leverage CircleUp to successfully raise capital for your early-stage consumer brand.

After living abroad in Spain, Austin Allan launched his bottled soup company Tio Gazpacho in 2013. In June 2015, having supported the company through personal funds and friends and family up that point, Allan decided to seek out an investor.

A year later, Allan was able to secure $1.25 million in funding from General Mills’ 301 INC by using the online investment marketplace CircleUp. He recently shared his experience in a New Hope Network webinar for entrepreneurs.

Being new to the fundraising world, Allan sought suggestions from colleagues who all recommended using CircleUp, which is specifically built to help early-stage consumer brands raise capital (and has successfully helped 185 companies do so). “I was impressed by the platform they put together and the success stories of natural food companies,” Allan said. CircleUp is great for entrepreneurs, he explained, because it consolidates fundraising durations by providing a vast network of different kinds of investors, which helps companies get the capital and resources needed to thrive.

In the webinar, Allan shared:

  • How to leverage the tools CircleUp offers.
  • How to have realistic expectations of CircleUp investors.
  • The do’s and don’ts of the various phases of a raise on CircleUp.

Watch the replay to hear Allan describe lessons learned and his suggestions for embarking on a smooth and successful fundraising campaign.

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