IGY launches Vector450 in North America

IGY launches Vector450 in North America

Cutting-edge sports nutrition supplement brand is designed to help support a healthy immune system, improve peak performance and reduce downtime.

IGY Immune Technologies & Life Sciences Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its new sports nutrition supplement brand Vector450 aimed at the athlete market.

Vector450 works safely and effectively at the gut level to modulate the immune system and functions to improve its efficiency. According to Terry Dyck, CEO of IGY Immune Technologies, “Vector450 is designed to rebalance the immune system, which is often over stressed in competitive athletes. Once they can alleviate the pressure on their immune system, athletes compete at their optimal level.”

“Maintaining optimum immune health is a top priority for athletes at all levels especially when competing in high intensity ultra-type events such as marathons, triathlons and other sports requiring prolonged exertion,” says Terry Dyck.  “Studies have shown that high intensity training can suppress normal immune function over a period of time anywhere from a few hours to several days.”

The risk of an impaired immune system for top athletes is further exacerbated by other factors such as the exposure to new pathogens through travel, lack of proper sleep, weight loss, mental stress, inadequate nutrition or adoption of unusual diets. The consequences of an impaired immune function for athletes are missed workouts or competitions, and a general decrease in performance.

Vector450 contains Muno-IgY, a purified IgY protein naturally extracted from hen eggs. What sets Muno-IgY apart from any other product available on the market today is the high purity of the ingredient. And with its new technology, IGY Life Sciences has been able to bring the cost of what was unobtainable last year, down to $35 for a bottle of 60 capsules making it cost effective for the market place.

IgY antibodies have been closely studied and documented for their ability to target many specific pathogens. Muno-IgY is not aimed toward any individual pathogen, but toward maintaining a strong immune system. Having an optimal immune system can lead to improved stamina along with increased anaerobic power and decreased submaximal heart rate, shorter exercise recovery times and faster muscle repair while supporting the body’s natural process of inflammatory balance.

Vector450 is available to consumers at vector450.com. It will also be available at select retail locations in the United States.


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