Immuno-Viva offers plant-based omega-3s

Immuno-Viva offers plant-based omega-3s

NatureFRESH Cold- Press process gently presses and separates seeds into oils and flours without heat or chemicals.

Immuno-Viva employs nature's most potent sources of nutrients—fruit and herb seeds—that contain a full spectrum of antioxidant activity, fatty acids, essential minerals like magnesium, zinc and calcium, and other valuable nutrients. The NatureFRESH Cold- Press™ process gently presses and separates the seeds into oils and flours without the use of heat or chemicals to preserve the natural character of the oils. The result is a product that is exceptionally pure and nutritionally rich.

Major health organizations suggest that the average American diet has insufficient quantities of omega-3s, although there are multiple sources for providing a boost in intake. Fish and fish oil—a traditional source for omega-3 supplements—present one choice, although as a recent survey reports, almost 40 percent of U.S. supplement users state they would “rather take something other than fish oil” for this purpose. Plant sources, on the other hand, can provide a more acceptable option, an option that comes from sustainable resources selected for being both high quality and free from contamination.

Immuno-Viva produces supplements with omega-3 made from fruit, vegetable and herb seeds. In many other supplements—especially those made from fish oils—rancidity from oxidation is a major issue because of the inherent instability of essential fatty acids; degradation from the heat generated during manufacturing is a problem as well. But with Immuno-Viva products, our unique production method maintains naturally powerful antioxidant activity that helps prevent oxidation.

Extensive lab research and a 60-day randomized clinical trial on human subjects have shown that CORE, our flagship product, supports the immune system and heart health. The clinical trial results indicate that a combination of CORE and BOOST helps to maintain blood pressure and cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range, two key indicators of overall health.

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