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Indian Parliament member visits Sabinsa, focus on ayurveda, sustainable harvest of medicinal plants

Dr Majeed presents to the Honorable Minister key capabilities of the group
Sabinsa Corporation's sister company, Sami Labs, was honored with a visit by Honorable Minister Shripad Yasso Naik, a prominent member of Parliament appointed to promote yoga and ayurveda.

Honorable Minister Shripad Yasso Naik greeted by Dr. Muhammed Majeed with flowers

Sabinsa Corporation’s sister company Sami Labs Limited (Bangalore, India), the award winning research oriented Indian multinational health science company, was honored with a visit by Honorable Minister Shripad Yasso Naik, a prominent member of Parliament. Minister Naik was appointed last November by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Minister for Ayush, established to promote yoga and ayurveda, India’s traditional health and wellness modalities. 

Sabinsa and Sami founder Dr. Muhammed Majeed, while briefing the Honorable Minister on the history of Sabinsa and Sami group’s innovative ingredients and formulations offered by the company in both nutraceuticals and cosmeceutical segment, expressed his concern for the ayurvedic medicinal plants which are in danger of extinction from over harvesting in various parts of the country as popularity of Indian herbs has grown world-wide.

Dr. Majeed emphasized that the only way to control further loss of medicinal plant species and ensure survival of these essential components of India’s centuries’ old practices of healing would be to encourage both sustainable harvesting of plants from the wild and cultivation, especially by small farmers and communities. Sabinsa has had a robust cultivation program for many years, which serves as a model of sustainability.

The Honorable Minister expressed his appreciation for the achievements of Sabinsa and Sami group and applauds the efforts by Dr. Majeed in actively utilizing the age-old tradition of the country to further human health. 

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