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Infographic: Why consumers do (or do not) buy natural products

Infographic: Why consumers do (or do not) buy natural products
New Hope Natural Media's new Market Innovation Consumer Segmentation study can help brands and retailers identify and target those consumers who are most likely to be early adopters of their natural, organic and healthy product offerings. Get to know our five distinct consumer segments in this infographic.

Who buys natural, organic and other healthy products? The answer goes well beyond the typical label-obsessed mom with young children, as New Hope Natural Media has learned through our new consumer segmentation research. We conducted this research because we wanted to understand why consumers are buying (or are not buying) and, more important, share this information with the broader natural products industry to help suppliers, manufacturers and retailers know who to target and how with their healthy offerings.

The result is New Hope’s Market Innovation Consumer Segmentation study. This research is based on a survey of more than 5,000 U.S. consumers conducted in July 2013. The survey, which represented more than 90 percent of the U.S. population, identified a new breakout of five distinct consumer segments based on attitudes and behaviors regarding the acceptance and adoption of healthy habits and products.

As part of this study, we asked our consumer survey participants to evaluate healthy product concepts and ingredients as a way of zeroing in on those concepts and ingredients with the highest growth potential in the overall market and among each consumer segment. The belief is that this information will help natural product companies and retailers identify and target—with the right messaging—those consumers who are most likely to be early adopters of their natural, organic and healthy product offerings.

New Hope has long had its finger on the pulse of the natural products consumer through our Delicious Living brand. However, this consumer segmentation work—which will be ongoing throughout the course of 2013, 2014 and beyond—has already taught us a lot about consumer affinity for specific healthy product concepts, as well as for attributes such as local, organic and sustainable. One thing that stands out is that attitudes and behaviors vary widely among consumer groups.

The infographic below can help you get to know our five distinct consumer segments. We also have created more specific infographics and video profiles that provide a deep dive into each of these groups: 

To learn more about New Hope’s Market Innovation Consumer Segmentation, e-mail Len Monheit at [email protected] or Dave Kingsbury at [email protected].

New Hope's Market Innovation Consumer Segmentation
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