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Inside Valensa International's condition-specific product formulations

Inside Valensa International's condition-specific product formulations

Valensa International provides quality branded ingredients and formulations. Here's a peek into their tried-and-true products, as well as a few new innovations.

You could say that one of the secrets to success in any business is knowing what people want and giving them plenty of it. Valensa International seems to have figured that out.

Back in 1999 as U.S. Nutra Inc., the company set itself up as the industry’s most trusted supplier of CO2-extracted saw palmetto oil and a front-runner in the world of functional ingredients. As the business built on its reputation and its territory spread internationally, CEO Rudi Moerck, Ph.D., broadened the reach of the new Valensa International to encompass an impressive portfolio of branded ingredients as well as proprietary formulations.

Valensa International now holds a unique—and enviable—position in the supply market: a vertically integrated supplier able to provide direct-to-marketers product formulations in addition to its high-quality branded ingredients. Its commitment to using the best technology for extraction, stabilization and delivery to provide the most natural and potent ingredients is what has landed Valensa lucrative partnerships in both the mass market and natural products marketplace. “We use higher-cost technology [like DeepExtract supercritical carbon dioxide extraction], but we produce products that are highly purified and efficacious, providing more of what nature intended,” Moerck said.

Valensa manufacturing facilityValensa’s unique and practical condition-specific product formulations appeal to marketers because they appeal to consumers. “We make all of our products and ingredients with the consumer in mind,” said Moerck.

What does that mean exactly? It means using more nutritionally dense krill oil rather than fish oil in eye health formulas to reduce pill burden and eliminate those unpleasant fishy burps. It means partnering with CVS, one of America’s largest conventional pharmacies, to bring the first astaxanthin-based eye-health supplement to the mass market. The new formula combines all the major players—astaxanthin, lutien, zeaxanthin, and krill oil (packed with eye-important DHA)—into one easy-to-take supplement.

“Combining branded ingredients with formulations gives us two legs to stand on in the market,” said Moerck. And with exciting new products on the horizon, continual innovation in the industry and a solid foundation in good science, it looks like Valensa International might be poised to take off at a run.

On the horizon

Valensa may have a reputation for not cutting corners, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t think outside the box. Here are a couple of exciting innovations to keep an eye out for in the coming months:

Joint health without glucosamine and chondroitin? “This one is going to be a real game-changer,” said Moerck. Based instead on astaxanthin, hyalauronic acid, and marine phospholipids, Flex-Pro MD moves away from the traditional G&C combo and could turn out to be a revolutionary innovation in a relatively stagnant category.

Go Easy on your cholesterol. Your body produces cholesterol while you sleep and if you’re one of those lucky folks who has regular morning bowel habits, your body excretes what it doesn’t need. But for the unlucky ones, your body reabsorbs the cholesterol throughout the day, potentially elevating your cholesterol levels to dangerous heights.

Combining policosanols (natural waxy alcohols) in cranberry seed– and chia seed–oils, Go Easy is a gentle, laxative-free means of encouraging your body’s natural elimination of cholesterol. In a clinical trial, eight out of 11 people went to the bathroom twice as much as usual, without diarrhea.

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