Integrity Announces Launch of CellBerry(TM) and TriNeuroPlex(TM)

SARASOTA, FL, June 27, 2007 – Integrity, a worldwide supplier of innovative and specialty nutraceutical science-based ingredients, has launched CellBerry™, a cellular oxidation support modulator extract, and TriNeuroPlex™, an advanced cognitive and mood support extract. Both products are backed by clinical research.

CellBerry™ is a proprietary Aronia Melanocarpa extract standardized for a high level of anthocyanins, and has been assayed for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) levels. Clinical research has shown this compound to provide support from oxidative stress, as well as a host of other anti-oxidant and health enhancing benefits. Oxidative stress is caused by the unchecked activities of free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS). These are highly reactive, unstable molecules that, in healthy cells, are created and neutralized as part of normal cell life. CellBerry™ supports the natural defense mechanisms within the cell against oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

TriNeuroPlex™, derived from the Crocus Sativus plant, has been shown in clinical studies to support a multitude of memory enhancing and mood altering benefits. TriNeuroPlex™, a proprietary extract, is standardized for the active crocin, additionally it contains picocrocin and safranal.

“We are excited to introduce these well researched ingredients into the marketplace,” said Tim Romero, President of Integrity. “In today’s busy world, oxidative stress, cognitive function and mood support are very real problems that affect a wide percentage of the US population. Integrity is pleased to provide innovations that will enhance health and well being.”

About Integrity
Integrity is a worldwide supplier of innovative and specialty nutraceutical ingredients that enhance health and well being. Integrity offers science-based products for sports and fitness, glucose, weight, and joint health support, along with other categories including amino acids and herbal extracts. Integrity’s ingredients are assayed and tested to assure consistency and purity, and can be found in top-selling nutritional supplements worldwide. The Company offers relationship-based service with technical and formulation support. More information is available at

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