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Introducing CHY-MAX® M – a major innovation in coagulants

Chr. Hansen launches a new generation of Fermentation Produced Chymosin (FPC), taking once again the lead in the “enzymes for cheese” market with a simple message: the best is now better!

Over a century of market leader experience
In 1874 Christian Hansen started to set the standard with his standardized animal rennet. In 1989 CHY-MAX® was launched as the new standard and in 2005 YieldMAX® was introduced as a coagulation aid to enhance cheese yield in pizza cheese during coagulation and cheese processing.
Today more than 50% of the world’s cheese is produced with first generation FPC. With over 1.500 customers and almost 20 years in the market Chr. Hansen’s CHY-MAX® is the undisputed quality yard-stick and market leader in dairy enzymes.

Chr. Hansen innovates once again
At the IV’s International Congress in Buenos Aires, June 25-27, Chr. Hansen will launch the second generation of FPC, a revolution in the world of coagulants. CHY-MAX® M offers more of everything that is important for global cheese producers as the specificity of the enzyme for milk-clotting is five times better than the previous generation of FPC and 25 times better than the microbial coagulant from Rhizomucor miehei developed in the early 1970s.

“On average the coagulant market has come up with innovations every twenty years. The latest two have been Chr. Hansen’s,” says David Stroo, Marketing Director, Enzymes & Test kits, Chr. Hansen. “We are thrilled that once again we are launching a truly unique coagulant to the global market. It is a revolutionary new Chymosin enzyme with a much higher specificity for coagulation than the ‘current’ FPCs e.g. CHY-MAX®. At the same time CHY-MAX® M is the most cost-effective choice among all coagulants”.

Major benefits of CHY-MAX® M
“By discussing and assessing expectations and needs with our customers we have identified the most important demands in the market. CHY-MAX® M is our innovative solution to these requirements,” says Stroo.

According to Application Manager Mikkel Laust Broe, Chr. Hansen’s innovative and patented new generation of FPC offers major benefits in comparison with animal rennet, microbial coagulants and first generation FPC:

• Lower cost-per-ton of cheese: CHY-MAX® M is more efficient as a coagulant, allowing for both a lower dosage (less International Milk Clotting Units, IMCU per ton of cheese) and a higher cheese yield (2-10 additional kg per ton of cheese).
• Better taste: mild and rounded flavors and less bitterness.
• Prolonged shelf life of some cheeses due to extremely low proteolytic activity.
• Better process control due to higher robustness to pH and temperature variations bringing more consistency in production.
• High whey value due to high specificity of the chymosin CHY-MAX® M produces the purest whey for processing into valuable whey protein concentrates or isolates.
• CHY-MAX® M is Kosher, Halal and suitable for vegetarians.

CHY-MAX® M is suitable for all cheese types, and has already proven its excellent performance in continental, pasta filata and cheddar cheese types.

A win-win innovation
“Our industry-scale trials have shown that CHY-MAX® M produces excellent return on investment for the dairies. At the same time consumer flavor panel tests have told us that global consumers will benefit from a cheese with a clean and full-bodied taste and less bitterness - even in low fat cheeses. This innovation is a major breakthrough for our industry,” says Stroo.

“To begin with we are launching in South America which is a very important market for us with a large and advanced cheese production. Having said that, we do have trial material available for customers based outside South America who are interested in testing. CHY-MAX® M has recently obtained a GRAS status in the US and approvals in other countries are expected shortly. We believe CHY-MAX® M has great potential and we have high expectations for this product for the coming years,” concludes David Stroo.

The cheese market is a growing market, especially in value, as milk and cheese prices have dramatically increased during the past months. The average increase of value over the past year has been 10% while the consumption growth is around 2.3% a year in a global market of 14.5m tons per year.

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