Introducing Lifenol® in the European market

21 April 2008, Libourne - FRANCE – The “Actifs Innovants” Division of Naturex introduces Lifenol® at Vitafoods 2008, a patented hops extract reducing menopausal associated disorders. Lifenol® has been clinically proven to improve women’s quality of life by lowering hot flushes, with only 120 mg per day and without any side effects.

Both American and European studies report a high prevalence of hot flushes, recognized worldwide as the main symptom during menopause – affecting around 70% of menopausal women. To date, the population reporting hot flushes represents more than 51 million women in the USA and 121 million in Europe.

Following the debate initially on hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and then certain plant alternatives, it seems fundamental to bring a safe option to menopausal women, representing today a huge albeit confused market.

Based on these observations the “Actifs Innovants” Division of Naturex developed and patented Lifenol®, a particular female hop cone extract standardized in prenylflavonoids, including
8-PN, the most active phytoestrogen known to this date. The patented process notably guarantees a unique profile in prenylflavonoids. This specific profile has been associated, for the first time to efficacy studies on menopausal disorders, especially hot flushes.
Two double blind placebo controlled clinical trials show that 120 mg of Lifenol® per day, over a 6 to 8 week depending on the study:
- reduces more than 2 times the general menopausal symptoms compared to the placebo;
- reduces by 4 times hot flushes compared to the placebo.

Moreover, several scientifically validated participants’ questionnaires were used in both clinical studies, as a self-evaluating instrument to measure the menopause-related quality of life in relation to discomforts reported by women.
Results showed that women feel much better when supplemented with 120 mg Lifenol® daily. They reported a strong tendency to the reduction of the total menopause discomforts. When parameters are studied independently, supplemented women noticed 3 times fewer hot flushes and 2 times less sweats than those taking a placebo.

More than a patented natural extract, Lifenol® brings to the “Actifs Innovants” Division’s customers and their consumers:
- a certified content in 8-prenylnaringenin,
- selected botanical varieties of hops guaranteeing an extract rich in specific prenylflavonoids,
- two clinical studies reporting its efficacy on hot flushes,
- three different participant’s questionnaires revealing a clear improvement in women’s quality of life by lowering hot flushes.

Detailed results of the clinical studies and complementary data on Lifenol® will be presented at Vitafoods 2008 (Tuesday 6th May 2008, 3.10-3.40pm).
Come to visit the “Actifs Innovants” Division of Naturex at VITAFOODS 2008, Geneva, Stand 143.

More information, please contact:
“Actifs Innovants” Division
+33 (0)557.55.31.58
[email protected]

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