Introducing a New Ingredient for Performance and Energy

29th May 2007, Gardonne - FRANCE – Active ingredients manufacturer Berkem uses the power of grape in a new and innovative concept under the trade mark Powergrape®.

The Tonic & Energy market is a main promising segment in Europe and in the United-States after the Slimming market. “The [US] energy drinks market reached more than $3.2 billion in 2006, having displayed 516% inflation-adjusted dollar sales growth during 2001-2006*”.
However, although the Tonic & Energy market is into full expansion in terms of the number of new final products, development is very low because of a lack of innovative ingredients.

Launched at Vitafoods 2007 in Geneva, Powergrape® performed a real success during the show. The interest for this new energy ingredient can simply be explained. There are today 3 possibilities to formulate an energy dietary supplement, food or drink; final products developers can use:
- sugar or related ingredients as caloric contribution;
- stimulating ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins or caffeine;
- adaptogens such as ginger, ginseng, …

The aim of Powergrape® development was to propose a completely new ingredient in terms of mechanism of action. Indeed, thanks to its strong antioxidant power – demonstrated in humans – Powergrape® is able to potentiate the energy production from the mitochondria.
The last clinical study (double blind, in cross-over, placebo controlled) investigated by Berkem in collaboration with Avantage Nutrition (French Clinical Research Organization working on professional athletes) confirmed this activity. The first results have brought to light a significant improvement of recovery and performance in sportsmen during competition after a daily 400 mg supplementation with Powergrape®.
Complementary results are awaited for the second half of the year 2007.

* Source: Executive summary of Report on U.S. Energy Drinks Market, March 2007 published by Mintel International Group Ltd.

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