Iranex Group CEO reinforces his shareholding to nearly 76% and becomes the majority shareholder

Stephane Dondain, Iranex Group CEO and executive director for over 10 years, has increased his shareholding in the company to almost 76%. Stephane Dondain thereby becomes the majority shareholder, while Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners holds the remaining 24% stake through the Winch 2 fund.

The Iranex group, which is composed of 5 major entities (CNI, Bioserae Laboratories, Starlight Products, NutriProcess, and Afritec) is one of the world leaders in natural ingredients for the food and nutraceuticals industries.

This shareholding operation, conducted jointly with CIC/ Bank Scalbert Dupont-CIN, will preserve the independence of this one-hundred year old family-owned group, and will strengthen its development capacity, particularly in the Nutrition sector.

The Iranex group has an annual turnover of approximately 70 million Euros in consolidated revenues, 90% of which is in export sales (the company was designated best export company in France in 2007). It employs over 250 people on five continents in 18 companies and has a growth of around 8% per year.

In addition to its internal growth in the natural ingredients markets, the group is also looking for diversification opportunities in order to achieve a target turnover of 100 million Euros in 2015.

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