iSatori Technologies Introduces the All-New MORPH(TM) Time-Activated Muscle Builder Supplement

iSatori Technologies announces that it has taken micro-nutrient timing to an entirely new, never-before-imagined level. Engineered using a precise chemical matrix--made from only the purest, strongest ingredients--combined with a 3-stage delivery system, MORPH is the world’s first Time-Activated Muscle Builder.

"As a disciplined weight trainer myself for the last 20-plus years, I know the frustration of not gaining muscle as fast as I would like to, which is why I demand the researchers at our company keep on the bleeding edge of technologies in nutritional supplementation," explains Stephen Adele, CEO of iSatori Technologies ( "They didn't disappoint me. And our newest introduction--MORPH--is unlike any supplement you've ever seen or heard of."

This is due in large part to its revolutionary new delivery system, called GXR-3™. As Dr. Duttu, Vice President of Scientific Affairs, explains, "The GXR-3 delivery technology, found only in MORPH, is the most revolutionary and sophisticated delivery system ever developed. We have successfully taken precise 'nutrient delivery and release' to another level."

Once consumed, MORPH immediately goes to work. It discharges three precision releases at exactly 30, 60, and 120 minutes. "Dissolution and disintegration tested over and over again for consistency and pin-point accuracy!” explains Adele. “We’ve tested MORPH every way but Sunday. It starts with explosive strength surges. Next comes skin-splitting pumps and roadmap vascularity. Finally, instant recovery and muscle cell regeneration. You can literally feel each delivery of precise micro-nutrients into your body."

"The fact is, no other product in the world contains such a sophisticated delivery technology, combined with the potency of a one-of-a-kind 'chemical matrix' used to engineer MORPH," says Adele. “That’s why bodybuilders and athletes are ordering two, three, even four bottles of MORPH at a time. Because not only is it revolutionary--it works!”

MORPH is available at progressive supplement retailers, like GNC,, and Bulk Nutrition.
To learn more about the all-new MORPH and to get your Free sample (while supplies last), call 1-866-688-7679 or visit

Retailers interested in carrying MORPH should contact Europa Sports, America’s largest sports nutrition distributor, at 1-800-447-4795, or visit

About iSatori Technologies:
Based in Golden, Colorado, iSatori Technologies was founded in early 2002 by Stephen Adele to provide clinically tested nutritional products and is the only company dedicated to providing complete dietary and exercise solutions for building a better body and living a healthier, richer life. iSatori's life-enhancement and weight-loss supplements, such as Lean System 7®, Curvelle™, MX-LS7™, and the all-new Morph are available in over 31,000 retail stores nationwide, including GNC and online at, as well in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Italy. iSatori recently received the industry's NBJ Gold Award for Growth in Small Companies category. For more information about iSatori and their scientifically proven products, visit their website at, or call one of their fitness experts at 1-866-688-7679.

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