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Israeli chemical manufacturer joins Responsible Care programme

Gadot Biochemical Industries (GBI) didn't just want to toot its own horn. It wanted someone to play along.

GBI, a leading supplier of crystalline fructose, citrate salts and enrichment minerals, announced recently the implementation of 'Responsible Care,' a global programme for quality chemical product manufacturing (at its plant in Haifa, Israel).

"It is more of a recognition and re-affirmation of things we already had been doing. It is also re-affirming (and communicating) our commitment for continuous improvements in all aspects of the programme. We believe that our customers (food & beverage producers) and our customers' customers (the consumers) are looking today for suppliers who are considering aspects such as health, safety and environment protection when doing business." said Ronny Hacham, vice president of business development and marketing for GBI.

Responsible Care is based on the original Canadian and American Chemistry Council programmes, which began in the 1980s.

"In our country it started to gain momentum only in the last couple of years," Hacham said. For a number of years GBI has already been operating in accordance with the principles of the programme, Hachem said. But, he added, "We felt that in order to communicate this we needed to formalize it and the most suitable programme is the Responsible Care programme."

Responsible Care, currently operating in 53 countries, is a voluntary initiative focused on improving the performance and image of the chemical industry worldwide. The programme is co-ordinated through the International Council of Chemical Associations operating through the respective national associations. The programme is flexible, to take into account regional cultural and environmental factors, but has some common, overarching elements, including a commitment to open communication with partners within the industry and interested parties in the society at large; a set of guidelines and checklists to help companies continuously improve the health, safety and performance of their products and processes; and a signed commitment to the programme from an officer of the company, usually the CEO. According to the council, together the programme participants account for more than 90 per cent of worldwide chemical manufacturing.

GBI specializes in developing products that have high bioavailability including crystalline fructose, citric acid, citrate salts, phosphate salts and mineral fortifiers such as calcium citrate, calcium phosphate, magnesium citrate and zinc citrate. For more information, visit: www.gadot

Gadot Biochemical Industries, which operates this biochemical plant in Haifa, Israel, has joined an international process-improvement programme.

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