Lallemand and Biostime Launch Joint Venture to Market Probiotics in China

Lallemand SAS, a leader in probiotics applications, and Biostime Inc., a Chinese company dedicated to human nutrition based in Guangzhou, have joined forces to offer to the Chinese health market premium probiotics developed and produced in France.

The long-term relationship between the two players is strengthened today with the creation of the joint venture Biostime France. Lallemand brings its expertise in the research, development and production of probiotic bacteria, while the Chinese company is responsible for the products’ marketing and distribution in China, through a network of around 60 sales offices selling to 10,000 pharmacies, 4,000 specialty baby stores and 1,000 supermarkets.

The partnership between the two companies was initiated in 2000 through a licensing agreement for the distribution of “Biostime Probiotic Sachet for Children”. The product was registered in China in 2002, and since then, its sales have increased continuously, with a 20% average yearly growth, soon expected to reach 100 million sachets per year. It is today the number one probiotic product for children in China. Biostime probiotic sachets are produced by Lallemand under GMP conditions in its bacteria production plant located near Aurillac, in the center of France.

Biostime France is the continuation of this successful partnership. The joint venture is based in Blagnac (France) and equally owned by Lallemand SAS and Biostime Inc. Olivier Clech, Vice President of Lallemand Human and Animal Nutrition division is President of Biostime France. The joint venture will export to China quality probiotics developed and produced by Lallemand in France. The products will be distributed to the Chinese health market by Biostime. Biostime France will own the Intellectual Property, trademarks and formulations of all the products sold on the Chinese market.

Fei Luo President of Biostime Inc. explains: “Based on the success of our children product, we plan to target the adult and senior health market with new products currently under registration. The first product expected to hit the market in the coming months is a probiotic clinically documented to benefit patients suffering Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a functional gastro-intestinal disorder that affects up to 10% of the Chinese urban population.”

Olivier Clech, President of Biostime France commented: “Biostime and Lallemand were the first to introduce probiotics dietary supplements in China and have contributed to raise awareness for the probiotic concept thanks to an important educational program addressed to mothers in particular. We plan to leverage our position in China to introduce well documented probiotic products that target specific health conditions in adults.”

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