Launch of the Lesaffre Human Care website at

A key supplier to the dietary-supplement and functional-food industry, Lesaffre Human Care has decided to get closer to its customers by creating its own website. This site is designed to meet the information needs of various targets, i.e. the agrifood, pharmaceutical and nutrition industries, while ensuring that the information is organized in a consistent way and the navigation is user-friendly.

In particular, you will find various platforms that cover health-related topics and present different product ranges:
- Probiotics & gut health
with Saccharomyces cerevisiae var boulardii
- Immunity
with yeast-derived beta 1,3 / 1,6 glucans
- Antioxidation
with glutathion and selenium-enriched yeast
- Sport and weight management
with a yeast peptide
- Nutritional benefits, especially for vegetarians
with the richness in proteins and B vitamins of yeast
What’s more, Lesaffre Human Care has chosen to make its website educational, by providing extensive information on yeast and biotechnology. Lesaffre Human Care also offers publications and links, specifically to websites dealing with scientific and regulatory

Furthermore, the Lesaffre Human Care website highlights the partnership between Lesaffre and Digest Science, the first French foundation recognized as a public interest organization working on digestive pathologies. The purpose of this foundation is to fund cutting-edge research projects in France and around the world, to develop the education of the healthcare professionals and patients of these diseases and to improve their daily care.

Come visit the website Enjoy!

Backed by over 150 years of experience in biotechnology and by its unique know-how in the yeast market, in 2007 the Lesaffre Group created Lesaffre Human Care, a Business Unit that offers yeast-derived ingredients to the Human Health & Nutrition market.

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