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Lipogen launches a PS Complex Targeted At Mental & Psychological Stress Control

Lipogen, Israel, will launch a new ingredient for mental & psychological stress control at SupplySide East show. “Lipogen PAS” is a patented vegetarian complex of soy lecithin phosphatidic acid (PA) and phosphatidylserine (PS)clinically proven. According to published clinical research, this all-natural supplement can improve the ability to function under long-term mental and psychological stress conditions.

In the study, published in The International Journal on the Biology of Stress, Lipogen PAS, when tested in a placebo-controlled clinical trial showed significant benefits in controlling the hormonal reaction to mental and psychological stress. The study, conducted with Prof. D. Hellhammer of the Department for Psychobiology, University of Trier, Germany showed that daily treatment with 400 mg PAS complex resulted in a pronounced blunting of stress hormones (specifically cortisol and ACTH) responses to the TSST (Trier Social Stress Test). During the stress-test conditions, the placebo group showed the expected increase in stress hormones levels, while the group treated with PAS showed significantly lower stress levels and a better control of the situation. David Rutenberg, CEO of Lipogen, Notes: "The reduction of stress-related cortisol levels, plus the improved functioning in the group treated with PAS shows much promise. People with strenuous lifestyle could benefit from daily use of PAS complex."

Lipogen PAS has attained GRAS status as have all other PS products that Lipogen offers, and can be applied to a variety of functional foods, such as nutritional beverages, nutrition bars and dairy products. "PAS is a second generation evolution of PS based ingredients for mental health," explains Rutenberg. "It improves the body functioning under long term stress conditions, without affecting our alertness or ability to act. Our modern lives are so hectic and people have to deal with a lot of stress on daily basis. Such long-term stress with increased daily cortisol levels is directly related to syndrome x which eventually can lead to obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes."

PA (Phosphatidic acid) and PS (Phosphatidylserine) are natural phospholipids found in the membrane of the cells in the brain. PA (Phosphatidic acid) is instrumental in the control of the fluidity of the membranes. PS (phosphatidylserine) is considered as an important building block of the brain cells membranes and has been shown to have a role in slowing or even reversing some forms of age-related cognitive deteriorations - such as short-term memory and the capacity to learn new tasks.

Lipogen, a leading PS developer since 1992, focuses on natural mental health solutions for dietary supplements and for functional foods and beverages. All Lipogen products are vegetarian and kosher certified.

Visit us at Natural Products Expo West show booth no. 774

For further information, please contact:

Lipogen Ltd.
David Rutenberg
Tel: +972 544 522 355
Fax : +972 3 548 0149

The study was published in The International Journal on the Biology of Stress, Vol. 7 (2), pp. 119–126, June 2004

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