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Lonza: Leadership with a conscience

Lonza: Leadership with a conscience
Lonza’s potent combination of innovation, reach and foresight make it one of most dynamic forces in the human nutrition business.

Founded in 1897, the chemicals and biotech company’s distinctive breadth and depth and allows Lonza to play—and win—in a variety of fields, from research to manufacturing and everything in between. Lonza caters to seven markets, including Bioresearch, Personal Care, Microbial Control and Nutrition. Each division involves cutting-edge technologies that allow the company to meet specific needs in all of its markets.

Lonza continues to offer FDA registered facilities and independently certified Quality Management Systems. Undaunted by the prospect of a stricter regulatory atmosphere brewing in Europe and the United States, Lonza feels more than capable of adapting. “The fact that regulatory standards in our industry are being tightened bodes well for Lonza, as we are uniquely positioned to accommodate our customer’s needs,” said Lonza spokesperson Michael DeGennaro. “Regulatory challenges are a constant priority in our business and we are in a position to seize these opportunities.”

Lonza seems to make a habit of spotting and pursuing advantageous opportunities. After acquiring Arch Chemicals in late 2011, the company won the Gold Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award 2011 for ReGeniStem Red Rice, a sustainable skin care ingredient that increases moisture in the skin. Lonza is also eyeing markets in Asia, recently establishing a foothold in Singapore.

Lonza holds exclusive rights to a robust portfolio of ingredients and nutrients, and the company’s high standards protect the reputation of its products. In recently choosing to partner with Lipogen, for example, Lonza can now offer Phosphatidylserine (PS), a nutrient linked to delaying early-onset Alzheimer’s. “Amongst manufacturers of PS, Lipogen appealed to Lonza due to its novel, solvent-free production technology, and for having high manufacturing standards aligned with Lonza’s own philosophy of offering ingredients of the highest quality that are backed by solid science,” said DeGennaro.

Expanding its selection of top notch ingredients may stimulate Lonza’s growth, but the company also makes maintaining the integrity and value of old favorites a priority. Ingredients such as niacin and Carnipure L-carnitine arguably remain relevant because of these efforts. “Lonza continuously supports market development by investing in long-term production and technology improvements, giving our customer supply security they can count on,” DeGennaro said.

As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, Lonza also provides the feel-good sense of being a company with a conscience. The Compact stresses a commitment to human rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption. Lonza also utilizes environmentally friendly technologies and strives to develop sustainable ingredients, just one more reason why the company remains a leader in the industry.

Lonza has a perfect vantage point to catch a glimpse of future trends. Perhaps this is one reason why the company continues to carefully calculate the needs of customers.

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