Lyndhurst Naturals Acquires Rights to New Lines

Lyndhurst Naturals, a Vancouver, British Columbia, broker and distributor to the natural, organic and eco-friendly products sector, announces that it has been appointed broker in Western Canada for the following brands:

• The Bio-Vert™ range of environmentally friendly cleaning products which are manufactured in Quebec, Canada.

The Bio-Vert™ range of products include Laundry Detergent, Automatic Dishwasher Tabs, Fabric Softener, Window Cleaner, All Surface Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Stain Remover, Dishwashing Machine Gel and Dishwashing Liquid.

All products in the Bio-Vert™ range are 100% ecological, biodegradable, premium quality, hypoallergenic and economical.

• The equibar™ range of certified organic fruit bars which are manufactured in Quebec, Canada.

The equibar™ range of fruit bars include blueberry, almond, apricot and almond and raspberry and almond.

Lyndhurst Naturals will be working closely with Axo Solutions Sales & Marketing a leading brand management and brokerage company, to the natural and certified organic product sectors in Canada, in connection with the on-going promotion of the above brands.

Bio-Vert and equibar are available from various distributors throughout Canada.

For further details please contact: Lorraine Douglas regarding Western Canada: [email protected]; or Jimmy Tremblay for all other enquiries: [email protected].

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