Lyndhurst Naturals Announces New Brands

Lyndhurst Naturals, a Vancouver, British Columbia broker and distributor to the natural, organic and eco-friendly products sector, announces that it has been appointed broker in Western Canada for the following brands:

• Healthy Times. Premium certified organic baby foods from the USA.

• Bionaturae Pasta. Artisan organic pasta, olive oils, balsamic vinegars and fruit nectars from Italy. Top selling brand of organic pasta in the US with nationwide reach in all major food stores.

• Krisda Stevia. Brand of natural sweetener which originates in South America and processed in Canada. This brand is offered as a natural, zero calorie alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners such as aspartame.

• Oogies Popcorn. Gourmet all natural popcorn from USA.

The above brands compliment Lyndhurst’s existing portfolio of:

• The E-cloth Cleaning System. Major brand of high quality micro-fiber cleaning cloths and mops from the UK.

• Eaternal Soapnut Natural Detergent. USDA Certified ground soapnut powder from India. A natural, environmentally friendly laundry and dishwashing detergent. Lyndhurst has exclusive rights to distribute this brand in the North American market. This product will be targeted to both the natural product and mass market sectors.

All of the above brands are available in Western Canada through Horizon Distributors and various other distributors affiliated to Horizon Distributors.

The E-cloth Cleaning System and Eaternal Soapnut Detergent are also available in Eastern Canada through Corwin Distribution and EcoIdeas.

Contact: Lorraine Douglas. 1 604 904 7574 [email protected]

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