Mannatech's Ambrotose(R) Product Patents Further Validated Against EvenBetterNow and Oasis

Mannatech, Incorporated, a global pioneer in the development of high-quality health, weight and fitness and skin care solutions based on nutritional science, obtained Final Judgments in a lawsuit against EvenBetterNow, LLC, and Oasis Advanced Wellness, LLC (Oasis), prohibiting both companies from the manufacture, use or sale of products infringing Mannatech's patents.

Mannatech filed a lawsuit against EvenBetterNow, Oasis and five other companies in March 2010 in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division, alleging infringement of four of Mannatech's patents (U.S. Patents 6,929,807; 7,157,431; 7,199,104; and 7,202,220). United States District Judge Reed O'Connorentered his final judgments against the companies in April.

"We will continue to defend our proprietary Ambrotose product against companies that infringe our patents," said Keith Clark, Mannatech's executive vice president and chief legal officer. "These results continue to show the strength and validity of our patents and brand."

The final judgments include broad injunctions that prohibit EvenBetterNow and Oasis from "making, using and offering to sell, selling, or otherwise distributing within the United States, or importing into the United States the infringing products as well as colorable imitations" as well as "providing assistance to others in making, using, offering to sell, selling, or otherwise distributing within the United States, or importing into the United States."

Additionally, the judgments prohibit EvenBetterNow and Oasis from supplying all or a substantial portion of the components of the infringing products that would infringe the patents in suit.

The settlements with EvenBetterNow and Oasis resolve the claims against two of the seven companies that Mannatech recently filed a lawsuit against for infringing on its patents. Mannatech is represented by Eric Pinker, Mark Turk and Renee Strickland, with the Dallas-based litigation firm of Lynn Tillotson Pinker & Cox, LLP.

Mannatech has distinguished itself in the emerging glyconutrients market through the development of Ambrotose complex, the technology for which it holds more than 45 patents in 30 countries. Glyconutrients are dietary ingredients containing beneficial amounts of carbohydrates which are believed to represent a new category of untapped vital nutrients for proper nutrition.

Many of Mannatech's products are based on Real Food Technology(SM) solutions, which provide consumers with products that contain standardized levels of natural and plant-sourced nutrients. Food-sourced ingredients are chosen from those scientifically proven to most benefit the human body.

Individuals interested in Mannatech's products or in exploring its business opportunity can learn more at

About Mannatech
Mannatech, Incorporated develops high-quality health, weight and fitness, and skin care products that are based on the solid foundation of nutritional science and development standards. These proprietary products are available through independent sales Associates around the globe including the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and the Republic of Korea. For more information, please visit

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