Mastertaste NutraFlavors(TM) Take The Superfruit Trend To a New Level

New line of all-natural flavors contains actual fruit parts high in antioxidants and nutrients, allowing food processors to make much sought-after health claims

TETERBORO, N.J., November 7, 2007—Mastertaste, a division of Kerry Group plc and global flavor and flavor ingredient manufacturer, today launched NutraFlavors™, a line of flavors made from today’s popular “superfruits,” such as cranberry. Packing a higher nutrient punch than conventional flavors, Mastertaste’s NutraFlavors opens the door for manufacturers to make potential health-related label claims designed to appeal to consumers interested in the growing health and wellness trend.

Mastertaste’s NutraFlavors are available in numerous physical forms for convenient application, such as freeze-dried Crystals™, spray-dried powders and emulsions. These natural WONF (with other natural flavors) flavors contain juice, extracts and nutrients from the named fruit, such as cranberry and grape. The flavors do not contain any artificial colors, solvents, chemically-modified food starches or synthetic preservatives.

“In addition to an excellent overall flavor profile and flavor impact, Mastertaste NutraFlavors deliver high levels of valuable nutrients as an integrated part of the flavor system,” said Markus Eckert, Ph.D., vice president of technical for flavors, Mastertaste, Teterboro, NJ. “Mastertaste will provide their processor customers with all the information necessary to seamlessly integrate the flavors into a variety of their end products.”

Achieving sufficient levels of nutrients in food and beverage products in order to make valid health claims, however, can pose a challenge to processors (i.e. label declaration). With NutraFlavors, manufacturers can use the great superfruit flavors they incorporate in their products to also deliver the full health benefits of the fruit itself.

“At SuppySide West, we will be showcasing a beverage that incorporates the cranberry NutraFlavor and includes 100 mg of both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids derived from cranberry seeds,” said Primo Bader, vice president of strategic marketing at Mastertaste. “Studies have shown that these amounts are considered the ideal ratio for human consumption.”

Flavors currently available are cranberry and grape, with more in development, not only in fruits but also vegetables, teas, spices and herbs. Mastertaste NutraFlavors are ideal when formulating such products as snack bars (energy, fruit or nutrition), instant beverages, cereals, meal replacements, smoothies and teas.


About Mastertaste
Mastertaste, a global division of Kerry Group plc, develops and manufactures high-quality flavors, and flavor and fragrance bases. Formed in 1998, Mastertaste has about 1,000 employees around the world, with 750 in North America. Headquartered in Teterboro, N.J., the company has regional centers throughout North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. To learn more about Mastertaste, please visit

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