Meet the shoppers who say convenience is key

For the Guilty and Defeated group of consumers, health almost always takes a back seat to convenience, as New Hope Natural Media learned through our new Market Innovation Consumer Segmentation study. After detailing the characteristics that define this time-strapped consumer segment in an infographic, this video delves into what makes three of these shoppers tick.

These consumers want to be healthy but don’t actively pursue health and wellness. They feel guilty about this but busy, stressful lives prevent the Guilty and Defeated from taking control of their diets and wellness. The result is low-energy, defeated shoppers (many with young kids) who pay little attention to labels, seek out convenience and focus on price.

The good news is that these consumers are active on social media and tend to try new things, so gaining trial with the Guilty and Defeated isn’t impossible for natural, organic and healthy products brands. The challenge is turning them into repeat buyers.

Want to explore the other consumer segments? Check out these infographics and related videos: 

To learn more about New Hope’s Market Innovation Consumer Segmentation, e-mail Mark Mallardi at or Tara Burkley at

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