Morinaga Launches “Shokuji Kaizen Soup Diet” for the Middle-Aged and Senior Customer Bracket

Morinaga & Co., Ltd. will launch “Shokuji Kaizen Soup Diet”, targeted at the middle-aged and senior customer bracket and priced at JPY 1,260, from 29 September 2008. This product enters the meal-type calorie-controlled food market as a convenient way to diet, at a time when public consciousness regarding measures for combating metabolic syndrome is rising thanks to the mandatory health checks introduced by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in April. These rich-flavored potage-type soups are made with soymilk and vegetables, and come in a set of three flavors: “Fresh Tomato”, “Sweet Pumpkin”, and “Creamy Spinach”. Using a combination of soy protein (soymilk derived), L-carnitine, and dietary fiber, the product supports the healthy building of body tissue. One serving contains approximately 210 kcal.

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