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Natural Factors

From The December 2001 Issue of Natural Foods Merchandiser

Natural Factors

Just as our products are part of a holistic approach to personal health, so has our company been built on a philosophy of integrity. Founder Jacob Gahler established the company nearly 50 years ago to fill a void in the natural health industry.

Using his Swiss knowledge and expertise with herbal medicines, he believed there was more to selling health products than focusing on profit. He believed if he focused on consumer needs and product quality, profit would be a natural result.

Roland Gahler joined the company in 1972 and has carried on the Gahler tradition, adding modern technological improvements that allow for greater reliability and effectiveness of natural products. Our goal is to deliver products that marry the wisdom of ancient herbal physicians and the science of exciting, new clinical research to maximize the health of all our customers.

"For us, integrity means being able and willing to stand behind every product we produce. Each one of us at Natural Factors feels responsible for the supplements and herbal remedies we sell. We don't make placebos—we produce products that work to create better health," says Roland Gahler, president and chief executive officer.

Quality First
Natural Factors has always had a reputation for quality, but maintaining that reputation requires a great deal of diligence, testing and investment in quality control. Even the finest organic ingredients must be thoroughly tested to ensure they meet Natural Factor's exacting standards.

"Our quality control department and laboratory are involved in every step of our product development, preproduction and postproduction testing. This is a crucial part of ensuring that our customers receive only the purest, most effective and reliable health products," says Mr. Gahler. "We are investing in extensive research to ensure that our products give consumers the results they are seeking."

Our Farms
At Factors Farms, in beautiful Kelowna, B.C., we control the quality of our herbal products by organically growing them ourselves and by controlling every step of the farming, harvesting, extraction and packaging.

"By taking our products right from nature, all the way to your natural food store, we can keep Natural Factors' quality control standards in effect at every step of the manufacturing and distribution process," Gahler says. "Our aim is to harvest, create and distribute the purest, most health-enhancing products in the world."

Where We Are
Employing hundreds of people and growing every day, Natural Factors' head office and new state-of-the-art production facilities are located in Coquitlam, B.C. We have an Eastern office in Mississauga, Ontario, and we serve our American customers from our U.S. Sales and Distribution Center in Everett, Wash. Our other facilities include extensive farms in the Okanagan region of British Columbia, where we also have a production facility and liquid extraction plant.

International Operations
As the name Natural Factors has become better known in the United States, Europe and Asia during the past decade, the company has had to dramatically expand to meet the demands of these markets.

"Certain types of products are very popular with our Asian customers, while others are unique to Canada or Europe," Gahler says. "There are more and more people around the world seeking their own health solutions—natural solutions. And that has always been what Natural Factors is about."

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