Natural Products Field Manual



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Natural Products Consulting (NPC) provides assistance in strategic planning, budgeting and planning, pricing and margins, developing sales and marketing plans, growth strategies, business plans for fundraising, building distribution, broker selection and management, organizational development, product strategies, strategic options, sales training, export plans, filling key sales and marketing roles on a part-time, interim basis, and sales reporting systems and analysis. In addition, have published The Natural Products Field Manual, and produce popular sales, trade spending and financing seminars.

NPC is focused on the natural and specialty products industry and works with three major classes of clients:

  • Large food, beverage, personal care and nutrition companies identifying opportunities in this explosive segment
  • Medium sized high growth natural and specialty products companies seeking to optimize their opportunities
  • Start-ups and earlier companies who need to develop a sound strategy and infrastructure to realize their potential

The Field Manual provides:

  • Complete, comprehensive, 4 volume guide on “how to go to market” in the natural, specialty, grocery and club channels with overviews of food service, Canada and the UK markets.
  • 44 chapters, 760 pages of hard won knowledge and experience that you can apply to your business
  • Includes CD with directory of top retailers, natural buyers in mainstream supermarkets, distributors, brokers, new item forms, budget models, and industry resources
  • Practical, proven, best practices shared and illustrated
  • Rich, insightful guest essays, editorials and color commentary by 66 notable buyers, brokers and CEO’s
  • Over $15,000 worth of coupons on services you can use-- including free half-day consulting
  • Pays for itself many times over


This session is delivered in a DVD format. Please allow time for mailing.

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