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Natural retailers grow double-digits in 2012

Natural retailers grow double-digits in 2012

SPINS reports significant growth in the natural industry this year. Even better news? The upward trend shows no signs of stopping.

Natural products retailers continue to grow at double-digit rates in 2012, according to SPINS, a natural and specialty products sales research company based in Schaumburg, Ill.

Four-week growth rates have hovered at about 15 percent for the 12-week period ending Aug. 4, SPINS reported in a press release announcing the numbers. 

Nutrition Business Journal is currently forecasting that U.S. consumer natural and organic food sales in all channels will grow 11.4 percent to $51.1 billion in 2012.

The numbers portend a year that could meet or beat 2011, during which Natural Foods Merchandiser’s annual Market Overview found sales at natural products stores that experienced increased sales grew an average 14.5 percent.

SPINS CEO Tony Olson said in a statement: "Our natural retail partners have done an extraordinary job of adapting to the needs of their shoppers and building loyal relationships with their core consumers while remaining committed to the values and guiding principles of the natural and organic industry. We are excited to see such significant growth as a result and are confident that the trend will continue."

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