Nature's Formulary Launches Ayurveda + InfoLink™

Nature’s Formulary, the natural product industry’s oldest marketer of Ayurvedic products announces the launch of a nationwide program dedicated to increasing the education and awareness of Ayurveda and Nature’s Formulary Ayurvedic Products.

The first of its kind, Ayurveda + InfoLink is Nature’s Formulary’s network of Ayurvedic professionals, practitioners and educators spanning the entire United States.

“At the disposal of Nature’s Formulary for the purposes of providing training to retail store staff and educational seminars to consumers at in-store events, Ayurveda+Infolink program staff now gives us the ability to reach a wider base even quicker”, said Kristin Giuliani, National Sales and Marketing Manager at Nature’s Formulary.

Ayurveda is an age old, unique life science that emphasizes health through a holistic approach - a view that more and more Americans are adopting, Giuliani said. The training and educational programs not only cover the company’s traditional Ayurvedic supplements that are based on the Tri-Dosha concept, but there is also a significant amount of education on Ayurveda and how everyone can design a life-syle plan that includes herbal supplements, personal care, diet, exercise, massage and more. Feedback forms have rated Nature’s Formulary’s training programs as amongst the best in the industry.

“Nature’s Formulary has always been committed to providing education in my sales territory and it has made a big impact on how widely I have been able to place the line in stores. This program now gives us a local professional available on short notice”, indicated Larry Nemkov, Sales Representative for Southern California.

For more information, retailers are requested to call the company at 800 923 9338, ext. 10. Reporters and media are requested to contact Kristin Giuliani at ext. 11 or by e mail at [email protected]

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