Naturex Successfully Asserts Trademark Rights

Naturex Inc. (DBA Pure World Botanicals) is the rightful owner of the federally registered trademark GinseniPure®. Blue California and its products are in no way affiliated with Naturex Inc. and Blue California has agreed to abandon the use of its trademark GinsenPure in order to avoid confusion with Naturex, Inc’s trademark GinseniPure®. By mutual consent of the parties, Blue California will immediately cease all use of the name GinsenPure and will discontinue the sale of product under that name.

Jacques Dikansky, President and C.E.O of Naturex declared: “This agreement is not only an acknowledgment of Naturex’s fundamental trademark rights but this is also a fair recognition of the scientific investments and expertise standing behind our premium ginseng extracts. We are extremely satisfied by the vindication of our position and we hope that there will be no more confusion on the market. As a leading established company in the US nutraceutical market, we have to be continuously cautious about trademark infringement by other manufacturers.”

Currently, some ginseng root extracts sold on the market may contain the pesticide chemical residues procymidone and quintozene. Procymidone (commercial name Sumilex) and Quintozene (also referred to as PCNB for pentachloronitrobenzene) are both systemic fungicides used widely in horticulture on some fruits, vegetables, and non-edible plants. Even if these fungicides are not permitted for use in ginseng cultivation in the USA or in Europe, they are widely used in other countries. This raises many questions about the purity of ginseng root products and how to insure that ginseng extracts meet safety standards.

Naturex owns one of the most advanced QC and R&D laboratories in the natural products industry. Using a proprietary process, Naturex tests to insure that its ginseng root products are not contaminated with procymidone and quintozene or their metabolites and related impurities, including HCB (hexachlorobenzene), PCB (pentachlorobenzene), TCA (tetrachloroaniline), PCA (pentachloroaniline), a-BHC (benzene hexachlororide), R-BHC, y-BHC (lindane) and b-BHC residues. Naturex tests every step of its extraction process and GinseniPure® extracts have been validated quintozene-free by many qualified third party laboratories.

Exclusively available from Naturex, GinseniPure® is standardized up to 15% ginsenosides and is also available in a water-soluble form, allowing its use into beverages.

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