NBJ Natural & Organic Personal Care Report

NBJ Natural & Organic Personal Care Report

Sales of natural & organic personal care (N&OPC) and household products continued on an upward trajectory in 2008- even though many of these offerings represent what one industry executive called "down the drain products." According to Nutrition Business Journal research, U.S. consumer sales of N&OPC products- which NBJ classifies as including everything from cosmetics and hair-care items to deodorants and shaving supplies- grew 8.4% to $7.6 billion in 2008.







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NBJ builds upon the February natural & organic personal care issue research, with the 2009 N&OPC report featuring over 10 years of data, including market size, growth and company profiles for over 50 of the top N&OPC companies in the U.S. market. Detailed sales by product are presented for cosmetics, skin care, hair care, feminine hygiene, baby care, nail care, oral hygiene, bath items, deodorants, shaving products, soap and aromas & fragrances. Also featured are natural and organic household products including cleaners, pet food, flowers and linens & fibers. The sales by channel section features channels exclusive to the N&OPC category including, department stores, boutiques and salon sales, specialty personal care stores, as well as the classic NBJ channel breakdown including natural and specialty retail, mass market retail, direct-to-consumer sales including internet, and multilevel/network marketing (MLM). Other insights presented in the report include recent mergers and acquisitions, total conventional health & beauty care sales and growth in the U.S., analysis of emerging trends and sales forecasts through 2017.

In this report you will find:
· A full analysis of the 12 NBJ defined Natural & Organic Personal Care (N&OPC) categories: Skincare, Hair Care, Soap, Oral Hygiene, Cosmetics, Fragrances, Deodorants, Baby Care, Shaving, Feminine Hygiene, and Nail Care.
· A full analysis of the 4 NBJ defined Household Products categories: Household Cleaners, Pet Products, Fiber (Linens & Clothing), and Flowers.
· All product categories are analyzed in NBJ’s comprehensive products, companies and channels style.
· Focus on market trends such as product standards, beauty from within product development, mergers & acquisitions.
· Reporting on new growth sub-categories and niche products that are sustaining growth for the greater N&OPC and Household Products market
· Detailed market forecasts through 2017.
· More than 50 data charts and over 40 N&OPC and Household Product company profiles.

**NBJ's Natural & Organic Personal Care Report 2009 is only delivered in electronic PDF format. The PDF file will be available for download in Step 3 of the ordering process. Click the blue "download" button in Step 3 in the ordering process to receive the report.**



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