The NBJ Summit Extension: Internet Marketing & Sales




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How to make money and enhance your nutrition industry brand online.

"Internet marketing has literally transformed businesses in our market. It offers the prospect of achieving huge sales with massive margins, and building a phenomenally successful business without retail or traditional channels. Discover how you can do the same for your business" - Paul Hannam

With the enormous growth of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube in the last 18 months only now are best practices emerging that The NBJ Summit Extension brought to the forefront in our strategic and tactical session on Internet Marketing.

  • What resources do I need to increase my sales online?
  • Should I outsource or build capability in-house?
  • How do I protect and grow my brand equity online?
  • Where should I direct my investment in the social media space?
  • What are the rules of engagement with online consumers?
  • When is the best time to invest online?
  • What resources exist that can help me get up to speed?

These presentations are an overview of nutrition industry Internet sales and trends, learn from a panel of leading experts leading their businesses online.

Tom Aarts, Co-Founder, Nutrition Business Journal
Patrick Rea, Publisher & Editorial Director, Nutrition Business Journal
Paul Hanamm, Founder, Bright Green Marketing
Roy Bingham, Head of eCommerce, RenewLife
Devin Ryerson, CEO, PurePrescriptions.com

This session is delivered in a DVD format. Please allow time for mailing.

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