Nestlé gets a boost into smoothie market

An Australian juice bar company will smooth the way for Nestlé to secure a larger hold in the healthy food sector. Nestlé partnered with Australian-based Boost Juice Bars, shortly after Nestlé CEO Paul Bulcke announced the company is evolving from a distributor of commodity-based foods to a performance food and healthy lifestyle company. The Australian-owned Boost Juice Bars, will play a major role in launching a range of functional fruit smoothies into the British market.

?"Nestlé has a fantastic reputation for quality and brings the marketing experience you'd expect from a big company," said Boost Juice Bars founder and CEO Janine Allis. "But most importantly the team we worked with really understands the Boost Juice Bars brand. We also loved having access to the fruit experts at the Nestlé Product Technical Centre in Lisieux, France, who helped to develop the products."

The products had fared well in consumer research, she added. "We were blown away by the response. Although customers weren't familiar with Boost Juice Bars, they certainly preferred the Boosted Smoothies versus other brands."

Nestle Boosted SmoothiesJon Walsh, managing director of new business at Nestlé UK, said: "We've basically captured the energy and excitement of Boost Juice Bars, added the nutrition and marketing capabilities of Nestlé and bottled it. Consumer tests show our Boosted Smoothies will bring new consumers into the category. Many consumers rightly love the regular smoothies that are currently available but with category penetration so low at 30% there is much room for incremental growth which tests show our Boosted Smoothies will deliver."

Boosted Smoothies are the first range of products developed by the Nestlé UK new business division, formed in 2007 to help drive the company's ambition to become the UK's leading nutrition, health and wellness company. The launch is being supported with a ?5 million integrated marketing and communications campaign.

Boosted Smoothies are available this month in four flavour varieties, each containing ingredients offering positive health benefits. Mango Mania Energy Boost contains guarana and ginseng; Berry Blitz Immunity Boost features a dairy-free probiotic and Vitamin C; Smashin' Strawberry ?Mind Boost also has a ginseng and guarana mix; and Tropical Twist Metabolism Boost contains Teavigo, a taste-free green tea extract said to have a positive effect on fat oxidation. There are more than 200 Boost Juice Bars worldwide, including six in the UK.

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