New from Ayurceutics, TriphaLax®

Chatsworth, CA - Ayurceutics is proud to launch their newest formula, TriphaLax. This traditional Ayurvedic formula combines certified organic coriander seeds and Indian senna with Triphala, known in Ayurveda for detoxification and digestion benefits.

Founder Alex Moffett says, “Indian Senna is really America’s laxative of choice; the problem is that it can cause cramping. Our formula uses both Triphala and organic coriander seeds for their ability to both soothe and
stimulate digestion. Consumers benefit with an effective product that is easy on the system.”

TriphaLax, along with all Ayurceutics products, feature the following environmental standards:

• Vegetarian capsules and tablets with no animal-derived ingredients
• Sustainabley wildcrafted or organic herbs
• Extraction using only pure water & alcohol, not toxic solvents
• Non-irradiated
• Organic cotton bottle stuffing
• Advanced laboratory testing to screen out potential undesirables such as heavy metals and pesticides

TriphaLax (SRP $14.95) is available in bottles containing 60 vegetarian capsules in health food stores nationwide and online at

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