New guide ensures safety of dairy products from farm to shelf

Faster, automated control measures are necessary for the fast-growing performance dairy ingredient market.

With dairy quality control methods requiring systematic sampling, manufacturers are moving towards faster, automated testing methods to help protect profit margins. A new guide from METTLER TOLEDO is helping dairy producers keep products safe and match results standardization for adequate product definition.

Dairy quality-control technologies must accurately measure attributes such as moisture, fat content, microbiological activity, pH and acidity. A new Dairy Solution Guide from METTLER TOLEDO provides suggestions and solutions to enhance product safety and consistency in dairy production facilities and quality control labs.

Dairy markets worldwide continue to expand as demand for nutrient-dense dairy foods grows. However, ensuring safety and accurate grading for these perishable products requires the right knowledge and tools, particularly as dairy products themselves multiply from basics such as milk and butter to enhanced products and so-called “functional” foods.

Along with rising demand come weather-related environmental pressures, according to the International Dairy Federation (IDF). Rising feed crop costs and ever-present safety concerns are continuing to drive dairy farmers and product manufacturers to find better, less expensive ways of working to protect margins while simultaneously ensuring quality and safeguarding consumer health.

The guide also highlights METTLER TOLEDO products that can help manufacturers automate routine testing, meeting not only regulatory standards but also consumer expectations for consistency. This includes usable, robust, and accurate pH meters, potentiometric titrators, balances and other critical quality control/production equipment.

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