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New Hope Natural Media

From The December 2001 Issue of Natural Foods Merchandiser

New Hope Natural Media

Company History
In 1979, New Hope's founder, Doug Greene, created The Natural Foods Merchandiser—now the leading trade journal in the industry. Greene then launched the first Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Calif., attracting 3,000 attendees and 234 booths. The show has since grown into the largest natural products trade show in the country with more than 30,000 attendees and 2,400 booths.

The first 250,000 copies of Delicious! magazine rolled off the press in 1985. Relaunched as Delicious Living! in 2000, it is now read by more than a million health-conscious consumers each month.

In 1999, Penton Media Inc. of Cleveland bought New Hope Natural Media. Today, New Hope publishes four magazines; an executive research journal, Nutrition Business Journal; produces trade shows and conferences; and is home to numerous Web sites and other products that support the industry.

Mission Statement
New Hope Natural Media is an innovative and progressive company. As the leading communicator in the markets it serves, the company provides quality information, analysis and products to meet customers' needs.

New Hope Natural Media is a growth-oriented company, developing new businesses in a creative atmosphere that draws upon employees' talents and celebrates individuality. The company acts with integrity and fosters relationships that are honest, ethical and caring.

With mutual respect for work, themselves and the world, employees are socially responsible and strive to enrich their own lives and the lives of those around them.


Natural Foods Merchandiser
NFM is read, respected and trusted by more than 15,000 targeted readers in the natural products industry. Its award-winning news coverage keeps retailers informed about current research, industry growth, and legislative and regulatory issues. In the Business, Food and HBC/Supplement sections, NFM provides innovative ideas and information on new products and trends to help retailers grow their businesses. The annual market overview provides the most comprehensive research about retail sales in the industry.

Delicious Living
Established in 1985 as Delicious! and relaunched in 2000 as Delicious Living!, this healthy lifestyle magazine is one of the top consumer magazines in the natural products industry and is read by more than 1 million readers each month. Purchased by more than 1,000 retailers for distribution to their customers, the magazine educates consumers about current health trends, natural living and new products.

Nutrition Business Journal
NBJ is the leading executive journal for the global nutrition industry, providing monthly insight into market trends. It is the key provider of strategic business intelligence to leaders in the field. Issues focus in depth on specific market categories and segments, detailing market size, growth projections, profiles of major players and analysis of new entrants. NBJ also publishes market research reports on organics, supplements, functional foods and other important sectors. NBJ is a sponsoring publication of Nutracon, the nutrition industry's premier conference and networking event.

Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
The first and only completely global functional foods and nutraceuticals magazine, FF&N features an international circulation of 10,000, with 5,000 issues going to North America and 5,000 going to a growing global audience. FF&N is also the official international publication of Nutracon, the premier conference that attracts senior management, product formulators, marketers and other key players in the market. The publication is distributed to Nutracon attendees.

Nutrition Science News
Established in 1995, NSN is an educational journal that focuses on the cutting-edge science behind nutraceuticals and functional foods. Published quarterly, it offers learning modules with continuing education credits that deliver credible, unbiased information to pharmacists and others in the pharmaceutical industry.

Trade Shows and Conferences

Natural Products Expo
Both Expo West and Expo East feature conference and trade show formats that bring the industry together to learn and share information about trends, discover innovative new products, and foster professional and personal growth through a host of networking events.

Natural Products Expo West
Established in 1981, Expo West is the nation's largest natural products trade show with more than 30,000 attendees and 2,400 booths. The show is held each spring in Anaheim, Calif. The next show is March 7-10, 2002.

Natural Products Expo East
Established in 1985, Expo East is the largest natural products trade show on the East Coast with attendance this year approaching 17,000 plus 900 exhibit booths. The next show is October 24-27, 2002.

Purchased by Penton Media Inc. in 1999, Nutracon is the premier annual conference exclusively dedicated to the rapidly growing world of nutraceuticals, functional foods and natural products. Corporate leaders attend Nutracon for the latest product development information, scientific research, global business trends and regulatory updates. Nutracon 2002 will follow Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Calif., March 11-13.

Expo Europe and Expo Asia
New Hope's other natural products trade shows, Natural Products Expo Europe and Natural Products Expo Asia, provide a truly global stage for the growing international segment of the industry. Natural Products Expo Asia makes its debut May 15-18, 2002, in Hong Kong, while Natural Products Expo Europe will be held for the third time in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, June 11-13, 2002. For more information, visit and

Online is the online source for natural health information, providing resources consumers need to make educated decisions regarding health and wellness. The site organizes hundreds of New Hope's articles by health condition and provides visitors an easy way to search for the information they need. All of New Hope's publications are accessible from, at the following addresses:

Other Programs

As a leader in the natural products industry, New Hope Natural Media has established standards for advertisements in its publications and Web sites and for exhibitors appearing at its trade shows and conferences. The Standards Program's goal is to enhance public health and safety, support industry self-regulation and foster the responsible growth of our industry. Companies with questions about claims can call the standards department or visit for answers.

1401 Pearl Street, Ste. 200
Boulder, CO 80302
303.939.8440 (Offices)
1.866.458.4935 (Toll-free)
303.998.9126 (Customer Service & Subscriptions)
303.939.9886 (Ad Sales)
303.447.1164 (Retail Sales)
303.939.9559 (Expos)
303.440.8884 (Editorial)
303.998.9020 (Trade Show & Conference Registration)
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Fred Linder, President
Rick Prill, Vice President of New Business Development
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