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New Hope Natural Media editors on GMO transparency

New Hope Natural Media editors on GMO transparency

In honor of our October GMO transparency program, New Hope editors took a moment to reflect on why we believe it’s our right to know. But ours are just a few voices in the GMO conversation; we would love to know what you think about GMO transparency and genetic engineering in general. Please add your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Carlotta Mast, Senior Director of Content and Insights

I support GMO transparency because I, like all U.S. citizens, have a right to know what is in my food and the food I feed my family. When we know what is in our food and the products we buy, we can make the healthiest, most informed purchasing decisions.


Christine Kapperman, Editor-in-Chief, Natural Foods Merchandiser

GMO labeling is an easy concept to back in this big-corp world. It has a message, it has meaning. (Organic is falling behind on the messaging front, unfortunately.) Sales of Non-GMO-labeled goods are growing by leaps and bounds. Retailers play a big role as they select products, manage their standards and spread the message.


Marc Brush, Editor-in-Chief, Nutrition Business Journal

I want to advance the possibility of a diverse, vibrant, natural food system controlled more by local communities and less by large corporate interests with government subsidy. That's why I support GMO labeling.


Jessica Rubino, Deputy Editor, Digital

To me, GMO transparency is one very important step in defining the future of the food, supplements, and even beauty industries. We have a right to know what’s in the products we purchase daily. From there, it’s our decision to make.


Jenna Blumenfeld, Managing Editor, Delicious Living 

GMO labeling is important because knowing what we eat is how Americans can participate in conscious citizenship—taking the time to understand where our food comes from is the ultimate antidote to ignorance and apathy. Food is intricately tied to most everything we do—it affects how we feel, how we communicate, how we evolve. If we care about GMO labeling, we also care about our freedom of choice. And that's a value everyone shares. 

Elisa Bosley, Editor-in-Chief, Delicious Living

Simple: I want to KNOW that my food is safe and unadulterated. Using GMOs because they’re not proven to be unsafe is like saying it’s fine to toss my dog in front of a moving car because it’s not proven that she won’t survive.

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