New ingredients

ForesTrade's Ramon NutRamón nut for food fortification
ForesTrade has introduced Ramón nut, also known as Breadnut, to its list of organic and sustainably sourced products. Although called a 'nut,' Ramón nut is actually the seed found inside a rainforest fruit. It is a complete protein, and is high in fibre, calcium, tryptophan and potassium, while containing no fat, caffeine, lactose or gluten. Dried and milled, Ramón nut is flavour neutral; when roasted, it develops a nutty-cacao, coffee flavour. It can be used as an alternative to tea or coffee, or as a functional ingredient in nutrition bars, protein drinks, flour-based foods and cereals. It is available dried/whole, dried/powder, roasted/granules and roasted/powder.
+1 800 989 4399

Grape and onion dry powder extracts
The Japanese company, Sogo Clinical Pharmacology, has launched several new products, including Amgrape, an extract of wild grapes rich in?flavonoids, glycosides and phenols; and Vita-Onion, an extract rich in?amino acids, allicin and quercetin. It is sourced from an F1 hybrid onion with a high nutritive value from Hokkaido Prefecture. Two studies ?evaluating the efficacy of onion extracts suggest it is effective for ?hyperglycaemia after meals, as well as hyperlipaemia. Both are sold as dry powders to be taken as dietary supplements.
+81 42 648 5577
[email protected]

Organic Briess Black Cocoa ReplacerOrganic black cocoa replacer
Organic Briess Black Cocoa Replacer is a new whole-grain flour with both the colour and flavour characteristics of black cocoa. With intense black colour, it is an all-natural ingredient milled from 100 per cent roasted barley that can be used as a 1:1 replacement for black cocoa in chocolate sandwich- and wafer-style cookies, breakfast pastries, and other foods. This ingredient makes it possible to produce organic versions of some foods that have been produced only as conventional due to the inability to source organic black cocoa. It also functions as an all-natural, whole-grain colourant in many foods to help food manufacturers achieve a variety of label claims, including organic, whole grain and natural.
+1 920 849 7711

Alcohol-free vanilla extract
Frutarom's new Solid Extract Vanilla Bourbon FR addresses the needs of customers who do not want vanilla products that contain alcohol, as well as those that are looking for a higher concentrated version of standard vanilla extract. The ingredient comes in a highly concentrated syrup form, making it ideal for use in coffee outlets that sell speciality coffee selections.
+1 201 861 9500

Decas Botanicals' BerryOrganicsOrganic whole-berry powders
Decas Botanical Synergies has launched BerryOrganics, a new lineup of 100 per cent organic whole-berry powders. The brand includes cranberry, raspberry, blackberry and bilberry. The powders meet the criteria of both the US Department of Agriculture National Organic Program and the European Union for labelling as organic.
+1 508 295 0147
[email protected]

Microencapsulated caffeine
Maxx Performance of New York has created a microencapsulated caffeine product that enables caffeine to be added to food or beverages without the need for flavour masking. The Maxx Performance micro-encapsulation platform creates small particles of caffeine coated with a thin, tasteless, edible film. The process preserves the caffeine through the manufacturing process, enabling precise supplementation. The platform could also be used to deliver vitamins, minerals, botanicals and other nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids in food and dry mixes.
+1 845 987 9432
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